Lee's E-commerce Report

Lee Taylor is an e-commerce expert with a wide array of business experience. His career began at 13 when he began mowing yards for neighbors. Upon graduating high school, Lee began making and selling handmade furniture in hopes to save a little money back for college. Much to his surprise, his little furniture business took off, and he paid his way through college by making shelves, benches and tables.

As the internet gained popularity through his college years, Lee began experimenting with selling online. Once his store was published online, Lee’s furniture quickly began to sell out, and he had more orders than he knew what to do with. This turn of events was very unexpected for Lee but also made him curious. Did he just luck out, or was the potential for internet business really this great?

Lee then sold his furniture business and started a new business, putting his original e-commerce ideas and methods to the test. Not only did Lee’s method work just as well the second time around, but with some tweaking, it did even better. This encouraged Lee to devote himself to the possibilities e-commerce, learning the ins and outs of selling online and teaching others how to do the same.